05 December 2011

We Paint Bikes

 Here on the island we love our bikes, as you've probably noticed.  Each bike takes on its own personality--what you ride says who you are, but it also is its own work of art independent of rider and capable of possessing its own voice and character.  Movement in space, especially on two wheels, is a three dimensional creation, no matter how transient and momentary the bike-riding moment.  Thus, the bike is both tool and art, the path taken by the bike a sculpture, and the rider: artist. 

Enough philosophy, go ride a bike.  Better yet, paint your bike, and then ride it. 

03 December 2011

Tree Climbing

Yeah, we climb trees on the island.  This kid is one of our best.

02 December 2011

On the Street... Cattleman, Miles Island

This fine gentleman told us we lost the spare wheel attached under our vehicle while driving over a rough spot in the road.  We gave him a mango juice, he gave us a photo. 

16 November 2011

The Wheel Fell Off

Sometimes wheels fall off of matatus, apparently.  Thankfully we were driving uphill when it happened.

14 November 2011

Calvin and Hedgehog

Hello All.  An odd thing happened on the island a couple weeks ago.  So I've written a poem about it.  Enjoy.  **16 Nov 2011 Update:  The hedgehog has survived!  He is alive and well**
Calvin and Hedgehog

Calvin brought in a paper bag
Flimsy, brown, crinkling
As if a tired lung.
Reaching in he pulls out
A tiny hedghog, a fuzzed
Furball, a quivering creature
Snug in the hand.

It’s been hurt, Calvin says,
Hit in the street,
A wound with worms, look at its eyes:
Do you have medicine?

Our sleepy morning interrupted by purpose,
We apply the creams and gels of humans,
Turn on the hose to
Bathe the babe breathless
And hope for healing.
Last we poke holes in a lid
To make a home of a shoebox.

Even the dogs came to watch. 

30 October 2011

The Bird Nest in My Office

 I knew something was slightly unusual when little tiny twigs began fall on my desk at work.  Looking up, I realized that I was in fact sitting below a very dynamic bird nest.  For some reason the birds keep adding twigs to the nest even though they have plenty already, so the excess nest keeps trailing down the wall and falling onto my computer.  I don't mind though.  At my last office, in a cube, I only had a cactus (thanks to a kind workmate, Lynda), but I must say having the cozy home of a family of songbirds so near makes work seem a little less like work.  That's what it's like on the island. 

23 October 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! 

You (along with Mom) helped instill in me a love for God, the outdoors, music, travel -- and islands of course. 

We may live apart right now but I know we're all on the same island.


20 October 2011

inni by Sigur Rós

photo from inni
inni is the new film of Sigur Rós in concert.  I saw the band on this 'stripped down' tour and it was pretty incredible.  I miss their chemistry with amiina, but their music is a force of its own even without a string quartet.  There are a bunch of screenings throughout the world over the next few months... wonder if we could get one in Kenya?  Or Miles Island? 

photo from inni
photo from inni
photo from inni

18 October 2011

Messing About in Boats

 "There is nothing--absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."
           -Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows


Preparing to fish, Lake Victoria

04 October 2011

The Graffiti Van of Paris

I wonder who was the first to tag it? 

01 October 2011

On the Street (or, In the Compound)... Miles Island

 (Above: His hat says Obama too.  Below: I want those shoes)

28 September 2011

Those Socks

Those shoes, those socks. 

26 September 2011

God's Mercy Bike

Amen.  Now that's a bike. 

23 September 2011

Hurricane Katia's Gift

 Hurricane Katia was pretty friendly to us islanders a few weeks ago.  Long period groundswell stirred up from way out to sea combined with beautiful sunshiny skies made for a perfect day in the water.  This spot featured here is getting to be pretty well known (as evidenced by the crowds) but I went to another place in the morning that was much bigger--and top secret.  The top secret spot also cost me a surfboard, snapped in half by the sheer force of the water.  I'll be back soon...
(photos by Kathryn Kirby)

22 September 2011

Fruit Loopy Penguins

 Hiya everyone... we've finished our voyage east and now I can start to take a look back at all the adventures that have taken place over the last couple months.  Miles Island will be looking a little more tropical in upcoming posts, so I thought I'd do a post about our local penguins before I forget about them.

Pictured above, we have a local resident peacefully eating her fruit loops...
 But suddenly she hears a disturbing waddling sound behind her.

 Please feed us! the local penguins cry out.  (They're actually not that hungry since they're quite well-fed, but they pretend to be so when sugary cereal is available)
 Ah, ok, says Amy.
Yum, say the penguins.  Do you have another spoon?