29 December 2012

Maasai and Samburu Warriors

Hello again everyone.  Yes, we're still here on Miles Island!  I know it's been awhile, but we're back and have plenty in store for you.  Hope you've had wonderful holidays. 

The Maasai and Samburu are distant relatives.  These warriors definitely make the case for not wearing the traditional neutral safari colors (not to mention those high tech zip-off trousers).  I don't think the local animals mind. 

25 November 2012

Down by the boats

Down by the boats.  Nile perch, tilapia, mending nets, motorcycles, the usual.  (Mbita and Takawiri Island, Kenya)

10 November 2012


 Sometimes you just can't fit it into a single photograph.

05 November 2012


 An island pastime.   Speed croquet is especially popular among our young whippersnappers. 

Climbing Trees etc.

After a marathon impromptu dance and swim party the night before, the morning was spent swinging, climbing trees, laying on the grass, hunting flowers and butterflies, and walking around the lawn barefoot carefully avoiding acacia thorns.  (At Kweisos House, West Kenya)

18 October 2012

16 October 2012

Backyard Bouldering

 Just some boulders in the backyard, no big deal.  A couple nice little problems to work on right out the back door-- or at least what was our door on Praslin island.  We climbed em because they were there.  Located off a road to a village called Zimbabwe - of course.  Obviously I still have some more work to do on the second problem.  Guess we need to go back!

 unsolved problem 

14 October 2012

El Caballero

El caballero esta caminando.  A donde va?  No se.  Pero yo quiero saber.  Me gusta sus botas.  

13 October 2012

The Perfect Island Cottage

The perfect island cottage.   With a perfect island view.  And of course there's a stone beach with an ample supply of throwing stones.   The island in March.