29 August 2013


I'm pretty sure that's a pen disguised as a cigarette.  We all know smoking is bad for one's health.  
(London, UK)

27 August 2013



26 August 2013

Ship to Shore Restaurant

I was one of the Mostly Happy Customers.  Best fish on the island, right around the corner from one of the best beaches.   Let's hope they open shop again next season.  North Shore style.  
(Darnley, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
   Nice trousers.  Red socks?  
(London, UK)

23 August 2013

Remise en lignes

 Several months ago on a flaneur-type walk I happened upon Galerie Felli and wandered on in to a surreal forest.  Quite the magical installation by Bertrand Flachot.  The transition from image to drawing, from photo to the work of ones hand, is something I personally find quite challenging.  So much easier to snap pictures like an energizer bunny than to create slowly with ones hands, and the contrast of time required for the product (however finished or unfinished) is striking.   Enjoy the trees.
(Paris, France)

                                                     (source: http://www.bertrandflachot.com/remise-en-lignes)

22 August 2013


(Kigali, Rwanda)

Covered up

 Sometimes our island's street art is covered up by confused (unappreciative?) locals, producing a different kind of art altogether.  Rather Rothko-esque, aren't they?
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

20 August 2013

Tights print

(London, UK)


 Thousands of volcanoes.  Look out.
(Isle of Mull, Scotland)

19 August 2013

Wedding Truck

These guys are real pros.  On any given Saturday and sometimes Sundays, you'll find dozens of these trucks (and cameramen) cruising the city, keeping just ahead of a happy new couple.  Come 4 or 5pm, the trucks converge on the prettiest roundabout in town.
(Kigali, Rwanda)


(Kigali, Rwanda)

16 August 2013

Man. Tree. Leopard. Giraffe. Lion.

 A typical day in the Mara, our island's plains.  
(Maasai Mara, Kenya)

15 August 2013

Painted Chocolate

I see a red door and I want it painted black chocolate....
I wanna see it painted black chocolate, painted black chocolate...
(Kigali, Rwanda)


It's fun to think about the story behind these paint marks.  Purely accidents?  Unlikely on Miles Island (as you know by now).  A paint delivery man with poor depth perception and in need of a new pair of glasses?  A mischievous kid set let loose on the town with a brush and a mission?  An abstract master in exile leaving a secret trail to their hidden abode?   All of the above? 
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)