29 May 2014

Out of Ice by Elizabeth Ogilvie

The secret language of ice... Elizabeth Ogilvie in association with British Antarctic Survey.  London / Ambika P3 transformed into the polar.  Brilliant installation; I lost track of time.  I can still hear the dripping.  
(London, UK)

19 May 2014

17 May 2014

Rainbow Trout

(Courtesy of my Dad -- Maine)

Not on the Island

(London, UK)

14 May 2014


13 May 2014

Construction Site

(Kigali, Rwanda)

12 May 2014

A Chameleon

Props to our porter who discovered this clever little guy along the trail at the beginning of our trek...
(Mount Gahinga trail, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda)

09 May 2014

(South Africa)
(Stellenbosch, South Africa)

08 May 2014

Road's end: Svensby-Breivikeidet

Road's end.  We missed the ferry, but it was still worth it.  
(Svensby-Breivikeidet crossing, Norway)


(Engadin Valley, Switzerland)

07 May 2014

(Mahé, Seychelles)

06 May 2014


05 May 2014

(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Sabyinyo flower

(Camp Mitobo, foot of Mt Sabyinyo, Rwanda)