30 October 2011

The Bird Nest in My Office

 I knew something was slightly unusual when little tiny twigs began fall on my desk at work.  Looking up, I realized that I was in fact sitting below a very dynamic bird nest.  For some reason the birds keep adding twigs to the nest even though they have plenty already, so the excess nest keeps trailing down the wall and falling onto my computer.  I don't mind though.  At my last office, in a cube, I only had a cactus (thanks to a kind workmate, Lynda), but I must say having the cozy home of a family of songbirds so near makes work seem a little less like work.  That's what it's like on the island. 

23 October 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! 

You (along with Mom) helped instill in me a love for God, the outdoors, music, travel -- and islands of course. 

We may live apart right now but I know we're all on the same island.


20 October 2011

inni by Sigur Rós

photo from inni
inni is the new film of Sigur Rós in concert.  I saw the band on this 'stripped down' tour and it was pretty incredible.  I miss their chemistry with amiina, but their music is a force of its own even without a string quartet.  There are a bunch of screenings throughout the world over the next few months... wonder if we could get one in Kenya?  Or Miles Island? 

photo from inni
photo from inni
photo from inni

18 October 2011

Messing About in Boats

 "There is nothing--absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."
           -Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows


Preparing to fish, Lake Victoria

04 October 2011

The Graffiti Van of Paris

I wonder who was the first to tag it? 

01 October 2011

On the Street (or, In the Compound)... Miles Island

 (Above: His hat says Obama too.  Below: I want those shoes)