31 March 2012

A Geisha Born in the Street

Hi everyone, sorry it's been such a long time.  I've been off island for several weeks, but I'll be posting more regularly now, especially since I've accumulated a bunch of new shots that at least some of you may like.  Well, as you know, I'm kind of into street art.  I know it's pretty trendy right now, and I'm just like everyone else when the only artist I can name is Banksy (even though I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop which examines numerous artists).  I like street art because it adds another dimension to the built environment.  It's often temporary and part of the art is its transience and the lifecycle from site selection, creation, public discovery, intervention by the authorities (sometimes), and painting over the work.  I like to think about the street art that no has noticed, and maybe never will.  Thankfully, as street art becomes more appreciated, it is staying up longer and even being commissioned -- as much art often is.

Well, it's not often that you get to see a work being made in realtime.  I had the lucky chance while wandering around in east London a few weeks ago.  When I first walked by, the mysterious geisha lacked facial features.  When I backtracked later, her eyes, nose, and lips were in place--her story was slowly being revealed to the street, and to those who would listen.