28 September 2011

Those Socks

Those shoes, those socks. 

26 September 2011

God's Mercy Bike

Amen.  Now that's a bike. 

23 September 2011

Hurricane Katia's Gift

 Hurricane Katia was pretty friendly to us islanders a few weeks ago.  Long period groundswell stirred up from way out to sea combined with beautiful sunshiny skies made for a perfect day in the water.  This spot featured here is getting to be pretty well known (as evidenced by the crowds) but I went to another place in the morning that was much bigger--and top secret.  The top secret spot also cost me a surfboard, snapped in half by the sheer force of the water.  I'll be back soon...
(photos by Kathryn Kirby)

22 September 2011

Fruit Loopy Penguins

 Hiya everyone... we've finished our voyage east and now I can start to take a look back at all the adventures that have taken place over the last couple months.  Miles Island will be looking a little more tropical in upcoming posts, so I thought I'd do a post about our local penguins before I forget about them.

Pictured above, we have a local resident peacefully eating her fruit loops...
 But suddenly she hears a disturbing waddling sound behind her.

 Please feed us! the local penguins cry out.  (They're actually not that hungry since they're quite well-fed, but they pretend to be so when sugary cereal is available)
 Ah, ok, says Amy.
Yum, say the penguins.  Do you have another spoon?