16 November 2011

The Wheel Fell Off

Sometimes wheels fall off of matatus, apparently.  Thankfully we were driving uphill when it happened.

14 November 2011

Calvin and Hedgehog

Hello All.  An odd thing happened on the island a couple weeks ago.  So I've written a poem about it.  Enjoy.  **16 Nov 2011 Update:  The hedgehog has survived!  He is alive and well**
Calvin and Hedgehog

Calvin brought in a paper bag
Flimsy, brown, crinkling
As if a tired lung.
Reaching in he pulls out
A tiny hedghog, a fuzzed
Furball, a quivering creature
Snug in the hand.

It’s been hurt, Calvin says,
Hit in the street,
A wound with worms, look at its eyes:
Do you have medicine?

Our sleepy morning interrupted by purpose,
We apply the creams and gels of humans,
Turn on the hose to
Bathe the babe breathless
And hope for healing.
Last we poke holes in a lid
To make a home of a shoebox.

Even the dogs came to watch.