30 September 2010

29 September 2010

Rockaway Taco

There’s nothing like a good taco and some surf.  From one of my favorite sites, The Selby.

Some Local Islanders

28 September 2010

Music Tuesday: Francis and the Lights


The last 30 seconds of each video is absolutely epic.  Stay tuned for some concert photos from the island (ok, NYC), where Francis at one point was dancing on tables.

Stream the band’s entire catalog here: http://francisandthelights.muxtape.com/   The song ‘My Goals’ is a current favorite.  Enjoy!

Yes, the island is volcanic

A friend has asked if the island is volcanic.  (Questions about the island are most welcome, by the way.)  Yes, the island is most definitely volcanic.  There is a large dormant volcano in the middle, and there may be others scattered about the island.  We’re still exploring it, you see–there is still lots to discover.   I don’t know much about geology, except that this island has lots of it.

27 September 2010

An Art Studio

This will be one of the many art studios on the island.  I love how it looks like it’s nestled into a cave.  All of the doors on the island will be colorful and/or made of wood.

26 September 2010

School of Seven Bells

On the island there is music of course.   For those who haven’t heard, School of Seven Bells is one of my new favorite bands.  Of course, I say that a lot, but this time I mean it.  These pics were taken last week at their Madison show.  I love both of the guitars in these pics–reminds me of my dad’s cream-colored Les Paul.  And can we please all wear more cape-shirts like this on this island?  Yes, of course.

School of Seven Bells - Babelonia by VagrantRecords

And head to Pitchfork for their song 'Windstorm'.

Dark Side of the Lens

By Ashtray Films (Thanks to my friend Mat Schetne for digging this one up!)

25 September 2010


There will definitely be tomatoes on the island.  Our neighbor periodically leaves heirloom tomatoes like these on our porch.  Fall’s definitely on its way–these are are showing up on the porch less and less... although we just received a bag of cherry tomatoes!

24 September 2010

It's the weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!   [Street art found in Paris.]

The Sea Around

Like with most islands, there is a zoo of life surrounding Miles Island.  Whale sharks, jellyfish, leopard whiprays, and others that have yet to be discovered.  (I took these photos at the Georgia Aquarium, which is an amazing place to just get lost for an afternoon.)


Welcome to Miles Island!

I’ve always loved islands.  Islands seem to have a mysterious quality of being isolated yet full of possibility.  Since I’m no longer living on one, I’ve decided to build my own, starting today.  You’ll find animals, bikes, food, fashion, art, music… you get the idea.  I hope you’ll find some oars or a sail and visit often.