29 October 2013

Cloud blanket

(somewhere near Quilotoa, Ecuador)

New trees and a new park

So considerate to tell us what's behind the wall, no? 
(London, UK)

25 October 2013


23 October 2013

Who is the subject?
(London, UK)

21 October 2013

18 October 2013

It's the weekend. Keep it classy.

(Time for a wide angle lens, right?)
(London Tweed Run 2013)

Lego Truck

I like to imagine there are toys in those containers.  Maybe LEGOs?  
(Portland, Maine)

17 October 2013


16 October 2013

15 October 2013

Who Is This Guy?

Obviously an islander.  Possibly fluent in French or Portuguese.  Likes vintage books and maps.
(London, UK)

14 October 2013

(Akagera National Park, Rwanda)

11 October 2013

Beach walk

(ManabĂ­ Province, Ecuador)

Trailer hitch

(Kigali, Rwanda)

10 October 2013

Maine Sky

(over MDI and Mud Pond, Maine)

09 October 2013

For Tea

At the village market.  The middle pic is jasmine, for tea -- so delicious.  Not sure what the others are, but also for tea?
 (Istanbul, Turkey)
(Paris, France)

08 October 2013

(Kibuye, Rwanda)

His first painting

His first painting... and he has just sold it.
 (Yego Arts Centre, Kigali, Rwanda)

06 October 2013

(Portland, Maine)
(London, UK)