05 December 2011

We Paint Bikes

 Here on the island we love our bikes, as you've probably noticed.  Each bike takes on its own personality--what you ride says who you are, but it also is its own work of art independent of rider and capable of possessing its own voice and character.  Movement in space, especially on two wheels, is a three dimensional creation, no matter how transient and momentary the bike-riding moment.  Thus, the bike is both tool and art, the path taken by the bike a sculpture, and the rider: artist. 

Enough philosophy, go ride a bike.  Better yet, paint your bike, and then ride it. 

03 December 2011

Tree Climbing

Yeah, we climb trees on the island.  This kid is one of our best.

02 December 2011

On the Street... Cattleman, Miles Island

This fine gentleman told us we lost the spare wheel attached under our vehicle while driving over a rough spot in the road.  We gave him a mango juice, he gave us a photo.