31 July 2013

Sea Off Mull

(Isle of Mull, Scotland)

Mountain of Mull

(Isle of Mull, Scotland)

29 July 2013

Her Mother

 This beautiful lady was incredibly friendly to us, patiently sitting through a lengthy interview and then gracefully laughing through a brief photoshoot.  (I tend to mix business with spontaneous portrait sessions.)   I believe I've already featured her daughter on the blog, and the last photo below still ranks as my favorite portrait of the year.  So far. 
(Gicumbi, Rwanda)

Bikes go right

 On the island, everyone seems to always be biking right.  I wonder what's down that way?  Everyone knows bikes are the right way to travel, eh?  (sorry, Bad Pun Monday)  And by the way, unless you're biking on sand or grass or mulch, Helmets are Healthy, boys and girls.  I'll post some stylish helmet shots to prove style isn't compromised  :)
(Someday I'll get one of these panning shots just right... anyone have any tips?)
(London, UK)
Red socks rock!

27 July 2013


That's fake fur, mind you.  
(London, UK)

Falling Water

(somewhere in Southern Iceland)

26 July 2013


(Muhanga District, Rwanda)

Slingshot on Head

 Sometimes we wear our slingshots on our heads.  Why not?  So creative, this guy.  The homemade ball is another marvelous creation. 
(Muhanga District, Rwanda)

25 July 2013

Tea hill

(Rusizi, Rwanda)

24 July 2013

KigaliUp Lightsabers

On the island, everyone gets a lightsaber!  (For peaceful and danceful purposes only, of course)  We will be sharing a few more pictures from the fantastic KigaliUp Music Festival in coming weeks.  Play on.
(Kigali, Rwanda)

Gallery People

 (Tate Modern, London)

23 July 2013

Teach us to pray

Sometimes animals teach us how to do things... (Job 12:7-10).  
And when you pray, move your feet (African proverb). 
(our porch, Kigali, Rwanda)


This photo reminds me of my mom.  And my sister.
(found in a tiny shop in Zernez, Switzerland)

22 July 2013


(Kigali, Rwanda)

Rock lines

 (Kibuye, Rwanda)

19 July 2013

Hit the Waves

 Hope you all get to hit the waves (or metaphorical waves) this weekend!
(Twin Shores Camping Area, Prince Edward Island, Canada)


 (Nkombo Island, Rwanda)

18 July 2013

Streamers and horns

 Here on the island, streamers and bike horns aren't just for kids.  Tricked out bikes are where it's at.