28 June 2011

On the Street... Sailor Dress

Love the sailor dress paired with that belt those boat shoes... and she's even carrying her groceries in a sustainable shopping tote.  I think this may be the same girl I snapped in Paris...

24 June 2011

Gopher Tortoise

Look, it's a gopher tortoise! 

22 June 2011

The Red Balloon

 Have you ever been followed by a red balloon?  Well, it happened to me the other day on Miles Island.  Being familiar with the 1956 film Le Ballon Rouge, I knew this was something special.  The balloon followed me around for the better part of the day, before dancing off on its merry way to make another friend.  To see the original short film, go to youtube... Part 1 and 2.  Check out the trailer for the recent feature film version.  Let me know if you've seen the red balloon in your part of the world...


18 June 2011

Fresh Sourdough

 Mmmmmm, fresh sourdough.  I know what I'm eating this weekend!  Kathryn, our island baker, has been hard at work learning and perfecting the fine art of breadmaking.  A friend of ours swears it's the best food for ultramarathons, and I'm inclined to agree since my Birkie times have been the fastest after a feast of sourdough.  Add a little olive oil and you've got yourself a dream.  (More pics later of the actual breadmaking process...)

Dresses on Bikes

Yup, our island ladies like to bike in dresses.  Love the basket and panniers.

For more stylish cyclists, check out the original Copenhagen Cycle Chic, where there are links to lots of other international cycle chics. 

17 June 2011

Farmah Bob

Ayuh, this is Farmah Bob's truck.  Bob's a farmah.  He grows aruguler, potaters, chad, collad greens, and moe, ayuh.  And his wife Matha makes a wicked good clam chowdah. 

(On another note, I'm back from my little excursion off island, so I can safely say I'll be posting more regularly now.  Thanks for keeping anchored.)

07 June 2011

The Margaret Todd

 One of our beautiful island schooners is the 151-foot four-masted The Margaret Todd.  At full sail, she's a sight to be seen, gracing the harbor waters and skirting to and fro between evergreen and granite islands.  Seeing her out on a foggy day is like stepping back in time--and brings to mind Pirates of the Caribbean!  Heave ho!

03 June 2011

Have a Creative Weekend!

Have a fun creative weekend folks!  It's been quite a week (even though it was only 4 days!) and I know I'm ready for a break.  Sailing, the farmer's market, the film Potiche, eating, Ride the Drive (Car-Free, Care Free), a soccer game, and doing nothing are on the weekend non-agenda.

02 June 2011

Let Peace Prevail!

 This islander reminds us to pray continuously for peace throughout the world.  He walks throughout the city slowly (this day, at the local market) and sings as a cantor, "Let peace, prevail, everywhere, in the country, of Tajikistan!"  He then speaks the chant softly "Everywhere, in the country of Tajikistan."  Contemplatively he works his way through all of the countries of the world.  We heard him sing through Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tromelin Island, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos, Tuvalu...    good man, what is your name and what is your story?  Blessed are the peacemakers...