28 November 2013

(London, UK)

27 November 2013

22 November 2013

21 November 2013

20 November 2013

Parrots in the north

Ya, those are green parrots.
(London, UK)

19 November 2013

(Paris, France)
(MDI, Maine)

18 November 2013

16 November 2013


(Kigali, Rwanda)
 The last few weeks have been quite cool on the Island.  So cool that termites have hatched out of the ground by the thousands.  They're like little biplanes when they emerge, taking off from their underground bunkers, buzzing off into the night, dancing in the light.  Clearly some of them are into pulling off pretty fancy flight maneuvers, top gun style.

15 November 2013

(Rwanda -- not Argentina)

14 November 2013

(Prince Edward Island, Canada)

12 November 2013

(Madison, WI)

11 November 2013

(Yego Arts, Kigali, Rwanda)

Market Brothers

(London, UK)

06 November 2013


(Portland, Maine)

04 November 2013

03 November 2013

A Solar Eclipse!

(Kigali, Rwanda)
Quite the happening happened on the island today.  Kudos to Andrew (of Bridges to Prosperity) for bringing out the ol' welding helmet for the special occasion.  The box viewer wasn't too bad either, I must say.  Several onlookers borrowed our gear to witness the spectacle, including a young family, a security guard and an armed soldier on patrol.  Thankfully the clouds held off for the peak -- a special Sabbath treat I suppose.  Incredibly, there will be another solar eclipse less than 3 years from now in this very spot, though alas, I don't think it will be a hybrid eclipse (total+annual) like today's.  I sure miss 6th grade math and science