29 March 2013

Good Friday Lamb

(Isle of Mull, Scotland)

The Couple

 This couple has a style all their own.   I imagine they ventured into the city on this frosty morning to see what the hullabaloo was all about, only to leave thankful for the quiet life they share together in a cottage by the sea.   (Edinburgh, Scotland)

A Caterpillar

 I believe this is a Mopane moth caterpillar, Imbrasia belina.  Dad, do you concur?  Sure is a hungry little bugger.  (Rutundu Cabin, Mt Kenya, Kenya)

17 March 2013

A tiny mountain church

  (Zernez, Switzerland)

15 March 2013

Have a peaceful weekend

(Zernez, Engadin valley, Switzerland)

14 March 2013

Candy Wrapper Purse

Sometimes those little wrapped candies that you always seem to unwrap during church or lectures or concerts just aren't big enough.  After 10 minutes that little itsy bitsy piece of sugar and who-knows-what- else has dissolved completely leaving you wanting more.  Inevitably you must resort to, yes, more fumbling about and making crinkly unwrapping noises to satisfy that crave.  Well now, ladies and gentlemen, you can open that annoying wrapper just once, with the (resealable) Extra-Large Candy that will last the entirety of your longest day.   Technical specs:  candy- 20cm diameter, 1.4kg; wrapper- 22.5cm x 55cm.

13 March 2013

Tree Rings

 On a hillside somewhere in Wales...

09 March 2013

Just another sheep

I realize this blog is starting to look like just another sheep blog, but I promise this is one of the last photos I'll post for awhile.  (S-chanf, Switzerland)

02 March 2013

Lobster Dress

 Lobstah print is in, ayuh.  Saw this wicked good dress down by the hahbah the other day.  Had to put down my chowdah just to take the pictcha.  Maybe I can find one of them down to LL Bean's?
**UPDATE:  One of my eagle-eye readahs spotted her Mondrian nails.  Now that's classy.  I love when you discovah little things like that latah aftah takin a pictcha.

This dress reminded me of one of the first lobster dresses seen on the island.  I reckon that was back in 1937.  Ayuh.  
(Photo credit: George Platt Lynes, Harper's Bazaar April 1937.  Dress designed by Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli.)