28 January 2013

Island Horses

 (near Vik, Iceland)

24 January 2013

Oh joy, another painting

Sometimes you just spend too long in a museum.  Usually that corresponds to going with someone who insists on taking pictures of every single painting and sculpture with different apertures and shutter speeds (see future blob post).  The visit to the Pompidou started pleasant enough, but things certainly got tiresome by the end.  Thanks for your patience dear!

(Ok, yes, I did catch her smiling quite a bit too... but especially when it was time to leave!)

Time to go home!

Penguins in Town

Sometimes our island penguins come into town, especially when it gets really cold.  But we don't really mind.  They make good company. 

14 January 2013

Ice Land

 Happy New Year Dear Readers!  It is the cold midwinter but the days are getting longer and brighter.  The melting ice on one of our island beaches reminds of the seasons' changes and renewals, although the melting feels like a death in some ways.  It is as if the glacier is sighing, letting go of its ancient being; we come from dust and to dust we return.  Or here, water to ice and ice to water.  In the meantime, these ice sculptures remind us of a great artist who continuously sculpts and reveals beauty, even through melting.  And there is even new creation in what is left behind by the ice and what is ahead.  Blessings on a new year to you and yours.  (Jökulsárlón, Iceland)