29 May 2012


(observed in St. John's, Antigua and San Juan, Puerto Rico)

28 May 2012


Ok, well, since I've been pretty lax in updating lately, here's a bunch more photos from Mfangano Island
  Community mobile charging at its best

 Repairing fishing nets

Mfangano Street Style

Spotted this smartly dressed chap at a gathering of the island's council members and chiefs.  All the men appeared to be rocking rather daper caps, but this gentleman pulled it off the best. 
(Mfangano Island, Kenya)

16 May 2012

Bangladeshi Girl

 Bangladeshi Girl by Cosmo Sarson.  Hanbury Street, East London.

"There’s a strange dichotomy down brick lane, where the art is like some kind of white middle class cultural invasion pushing itself on to what is obviously a tight knit Bangladeshi community and I felt that needed redressing somehow. It’s a portrait of a Bangladeshi girl in front of broken glass and layered graff marks. She represents the local Bangladeshi community, the broken glass and mark making are symbolic of urban decay."  -interview with the artist and Little London Observationist.  

For the rest of the interview, go here.    Also, check out his website

Sunday Best

Now that's fashion.  Sundays here are a dream for colors and creative accoutrements.  Those headpieces!  Puffed sleeves! 

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Love you, Mom! (and Grammie! and Mommom!  and Patty!)

09 May 2012

Laundry, Woman, and Man on Roof

One of the views from my office window here on the island.  The laundry was brought in just before the rains hit. And I ran home just as the rain hit at its hardest.  This shot was worth it though.

02 May 2012

Squirrel and Bird

 Anyone know the name of this street artist?